Caring For Your Dental Implants

After you have healed and your implant is securely in place, Dr. LaFrom will remove your temporary replacement and attach your permanent crown. Although you may need to replace the crown if damage or wear occurs, your implant will last a lifetime with proper care. Caring for your new tooth is equal to caring for the rest of your teeth.

Brush Twice a Day

A dental implant and implant-supported restoration are designed to mimic the structure of your natural teeth. Carefully brush all of the surfaces of the implant, including the chewing surface and around the gum line, to remove plaque and debris. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, and pay special attention to back teeth. Floss carefully and thoroughly in between every tooth. Dr. LaFrom may recommend or prescribe an antimicrobial mouthwash to ward off bacterial infection.

Beware of Staining

Your implant-supported crown can stain, just like your natural teeth. In addition to maintaining your daily oral hygiene routine, you should refrain from foods, beverages, and habits that can lead to permanent tooth staining. The dark pigments of coffee and tea make them notorious culprits. Rinse your mouth with water after drinking either to help reduce your chances of staining. Of course, smoking is never a good idea, and it is an especially bad idea after having a dental implant inserted.

Attend Your Dental Visit Twice a Year

You should continue to attend your dental visits at least twice a year, or more if directed. At your checkup and cleaning, Dr. LaFrom can remove plaque and tartar from around your implant, and inspect it for signs of wear or damage. He will also ensure that it maintains its proper fit and placement for your optimal comfort.

With proper care, a dental implant will provide you with a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Call Dr. LaFrom today to see if dental implants are the right choice for you. Located in Cupertino, LaFrom Dentistry serves patients from Calabazas North, Calvert, and surrounding communities

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