Benefits of Dental Implant

More of Dr. LaFrom’s patients are opting for dental implants over traditional dental prosthetics. Even patients who have had traditional dentures or bridges are overjoyed at the advantages of dental implants. Why are dental implants so popular? Let’s see how they compare to non-implant supported dentures.


Dentures are custom made to closely resemble natural teeth. They are fitted to the upper or lower arches for maximum comfort and are removable for your convenience. Because traditional dentures are not secured to the gums, adhesive or suction holds them in place. Dentures can move and shift slightly while in your mouth. This movement can irritate the gums and rub the tissue raw.Implant-support dentures are also custom made to fit your natural arches. Rather than slipping easily over the gums, implant dentures are securely fastened to four small posts strategically placed into the jaw. Implant dentures mimic healthy, natural teeth in strength and function because, like natural teeth, they are anchored in the jaw. Implant-supported dentures may be removable or fixed (permanent). There’s need for messy denture adhesives.


Traditional dentures are subject to normal wear and usually require replacement after about ten years. During that time, the ridges of your jaw can wear down, causing the dentures to no longer fit properly. To avoid discomfort, a visit to your dentist’s office is necessary to reline the appliance.

An implant-supported denture is also subject to normal tooth wear. If you choose to replace the actual denture, you can do so quite simply at your dentist’s office. The difference is that, with implants, you only replace the denture part of the appliance. The posts that hold the denture remain, ready to accept the new prosthetic, and no adjustment is needed.

Ask Dr. LaFrom Which Option is Best For You

If you wish to replace missing teeth, you don’t have to settle for tradition. Call Dr. LaFrom today to see if dental implants are the right choice for you. Located in Cupertino, LaFrom Dentistry serves patients from Calabazas North, Calvert, and surrounding communities

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