Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a dental prosthetic with three primary components: a small titanium screw that is inserted into the jawbone, an abutment connector, and a dental prosthetic. Implant screws are made with biocompatible materials, so jawbone tissue integrates with them, effectively replacing teeth roots.

What if I’m Missing More than One Tooth?

If you are missing multiple teeth in succession, Dr. LaFrom may suggest attaching a fixed bridge to your implants. To replace more than one tooth in various areas of your mouth, implants can support partial dentures. A popular alternative to traditional dentures is implant-retained dentures, which snap onto four dental implants.

How Do I Care for My Dental Implants?

One of the greatest advantages of implant restorations is permanence. Once your jaw has completely healed (which usually takes about three months), your implants become a permanent part of your dentition. Cleaning an implant-supported restoration is as simple as brushing and flossing, and maintenance involves attending a dental checkup and cleaning every six months.

Implants Prevent Jaw Deterioration

Because implants are accepted as teeth roots, they can reduce your chance of jawbone deterioration. The human body is very resourceful, and 90% of the body’s calcium is stored in teeth. If there are no teeth to support, the body redirects minerals from the jaw to other parts of the body. The jaw, then, loses the minerals that give it strength, and it deteriorates.

Implants replace teeth roots, so the body believes that nutrients are needed for the teeth and jaw. By stopping mineral loss, implants prevent jawbone degradation that follows tooth loss.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation

If you’d like to learn more about how implants can save your oral health and complete your smile, call Dr. LaFrom today to schedule a consultation. Located in Cupertino, LaFrom Dentistry serves patients from Calabazas North, Calvert, and surrounding communities. You deserve a hassle-free solution to return the confidence to your smile.

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