Dentistry has come miles and miles in the past few decades, most of which was in the last few years. Contemporary dental materials and technology have made clinical dentistry more precise, while optimizing the patient’s experience by saving time, reducing discomfort, and improving the life of dental restorations. Today, fillings and crowns can be made to look like natural tooth enamel, so they blend seamlessly into a smile.

Dr. LaFrom loves technology, and he is excited to offer you the latest and greatest that dentistry has to offer. These are but a few of the innovations you can enjoy at LaFrom Dentistry.

Invisalign: So you want straighter teeth…but you can’t wear metal braces. You have to maintain a professional image at work, and you simply don’t want to wear braces for two years. Okay. Talk to Dr. LaFrom about Invisalign, the clear, removable braces for adults and teens. With Invisalign, there’s no metal, no bands, no worries. And, in most cases, Invisalign treatment is shorter than traditional orthodontic treatment.

CEREC: Do you hate wearing a temporary crown? Well, now you don’t have to. With CEREC one-visit dentistry, Dr. LaFrom can design, mill, and place a permanent, natural-looking, ceramic crown in just one visit. CAD/CAM technology and advances in dental materials make one-visit crowns possible.

OraVerse: Do you hate that lingering numbness in your face after dental visits? Not a problem! OraVerse is the anesthesia-reversal drug. With OraVerse, that numb feeling will be gone in mere minutes, so you can resume your busy day with confidence.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of truly modern dentistry, schedule your visit with Dr. LaFrom, San Jose’s cosmetic dentist.

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