Cupertino Dentist: Try Our Family Dentistry Quiz


Few things brighten your day like the smiles of your family. In order to keep your family’s smiles healthy and happy, they require regular dental care. At LaFrom Dentistry, we offer comfortable and caring family dentistry. In today’s blog, your Cupertino dentist, Dr. Randall LaFrom, uses a fun and informative quiz to discuss the benefits of routine family dental care.

Cupertino CA Family Dentistry Quiz

1. True or False: You should undergo a checkup once every six months

2. True or False: A dental cleaning helps prevent gum disease.

3. True or False: Your Cupertino CA family dentist offers emergency dental care.

4. True or False: Dr. LaFrom offers mouth guards for children who play sports.

Answer Key

1. True. Dr. LaFrom and the American Dental Association recommend a routine checkup twice a year. A checkup allows Dr. LaFrom to watch for any signs of developing dental issues, including tooth decay, misalignment, and even oral cancer. He will then provide treatment before the issue requires more costly and invasive intervention down the road.

2. True. A simple cleaning helps prevent gum disease by removing the layers of plaque and tartar from your teeth. This process also brightens your teeth and freshens your breath.

3. True. When you break or knock out a tooth, contact our office right away. Dr. LaFrom offers emergency care outside of regular office hours. Seeking immediate care is crucial for restoring your tooth to full function and appearance.

4. True. A custom-made mouth guard offers a comfortable protection against dental damage. For children involved in athletics, there is a high risk of chipped, cracked, or even knocked out teeth. Talk to Dr. LaFrom today about a mouth guard.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Cupertino CA Family Dentist

Do you have any questions about our approach to family dental care? Then talk to your Cupertino CA family dentist today. Dr. LaFrom offers our patients the latest in quality family dentistry, improving the health and beauty of your family’s smiles. To schedule an appointment, call our 95014 dentist office at (408) 996-8595. We proudly serve patients from Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, and the surrounding communities.

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