Cupertino Dentist Answers FAQs About General Dentistry


When was the last time you visited the dentist? Routine dental care is vital for safeguarding the health and beauty of your smile. Without general dentistry, you can experience an increased risk of discoloration, tooth decay, and gum disease. In today’s blog, your Cupertino dentist, Dr. Randy LaFrom, answers your frequently asked questions about the importance of general dental care.

General Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why are checkups so important?

Answer:  During a checkup, Dr. LaFrom watches for any signs of developing dental problems. If he discovers anything, he can provide treatment before the issue requires more costly and invasive measures. The American Dental Association recommends adults and children over the age of three undergo a routine checkup once every six months.

Question: Do dental cleanings help prevent gum disease?

Answer: Yes. Over time, our teeth become coated in a sticky substance known as plaque. This irritates the gums, causing the inflammation that often leads to gum disease. In order to prevent sore, bleeding gums and loose teeth, our dental hygienists will remove the layers of plaque and polish your teeth. You should receive a cleaning at least twice a year.

Question: What is laser dentistry?

Answer: This breakthrough technology involves using dental lasers to remove infected gum tissue, identify and treat tooth decay, and perform minor oral surgical procedures. With dental lasers, patients may require little to anesthesia and the use of lasers reduces the risk of infection and bleeding following the procedure. Dr. LaFrom has been using lasers in his practice since 1989 for a multitude of different procedures including drilling small cavities, gum therapy, desensitization, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and much more.

Question: Does Dr. LaFrom offer pediatric dentistry?

Answer: Yes. Your Cupertino CA general dentist offers the latest in children’s dentistry, including dental sealants and fluoride treatments. With regular care, your children can enjoy a lifetime of health teeth and gums.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Cupertino CA General Dentist

Do you need to schedule a checkup and cleaning for you or a member of your family? Then talk to your Cupertino CA general dentist today. Dr. LaFrom offers the latest in quality general dentistry to help patients maintain a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. To schedule an appointment, call our 95014 dentist office at (408) 996-8595. We proudly serve patients from Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, and the surrounding communities.

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