Cupertino CA Dentist Explains When Tooth Extractions Become Necessary

tooth decay 2Generally speaking, it is best to preserve teeth whenever possible. However, sometimes you are not left with a choice in the matter, and a tooth extraction becomes necessary. But how do you know when a tooth should be extracted? To find out, read the following information provided by your Cupertino CA dentist, Dr. Randall LaFrom.

When Teeth Should Be Extracted

  1. When teeth suffer severe structural damage. When a tooth suffers structural damage (i.e. it cracks, chips, or breaks), it can often be repaired by fitting it with a dental crown, which reinforces the tooth and protects it against further damage and decay. However, if structural damage is too extensive, it may not be possible to fit the tooth with a dental crown, a situation which would necessitate an extraction.
  2. When a patient’s immune system is weakened. When tooth decay becomes advanced, the bacteria responsible for the decay can eventually access and infect the pulp of the tooth. By infecting the pulp, the bacteria have endangered the life of the tooth, and without root canal treatment, the tooth may die and fall out. However, if root canal treatment is performed, the structure of the tooth can be preserved by removing the infected pulp and filling the tooth against further decay. If a patient has a weakened immune system, however, an extraction may be performed instead of root canal treatment to ensure that the body is completely rid of the infection.
  3. When orthodontic problems could arise. Sometimes, the mouth is not large enough to accommodate every tooth. Thus, when teeth grow in, crowding can result, detracting from the appearance of a smile and giving bacteria crevices in which they can hide. Thus, in some cases, extractions may be necessary to achieve the desired alignment of teeth.

Schedule a Visit with Your Cupertino CA Dentist

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