What Do You Know About Dental Crowns?

many dental crownsWhen it comes to caring for and restoring teeth that can’t self-repair, fabricated duplicates are an invaluable resource. Taking their name from the portion of your tooth that they help protect, dental crowns are carefully crafted to mimic your natural, healthy tooth in look, function, and fit. Also called caps, fabricated dental crowns are typically placed over your tooth’s natural crown when it’s been aesthetically ruined, severely damaged, or weakened by disease. Your San Jose dentist, Dr. Randall LaFrom, explores the necessity of dental crowns by explaining when you might need one, and how it may save your smile.

The Many Faces of Porcelain Dental Crowns

A cosmetic makeover

The aesthetic value of your smile can be as important as its good health, considering self-consciousness in your smile can significantly reduce your overall quality of life. When a tooth is stained, professional teeth-whitening can typically erase the stains and restore your tooth’s luster. When discoloration is severe, or if your tooth is chipped or cracked, then a dental crown can be placed over it to provide a whole new face for the tooth to show the world.

A formidable shield

One of the more common uses for a porcelain dental crown is to protect a tooth that is especially vulnerable to damage and/or disease. For instance, when your tooth is affected by decay, treatment typically involves removing the decayed tooth structure along with any linger bacteria. Since your tooth cannot self-repair, the excavation can leave the tooth weak. Replacing the infection with a white dental filling can help restore and protect the tooth’s inner structure, but a dental crown is often placed after the filling to further protect the weakened tooth from the pressures of biting and chewing.

A lifelike replacement

Replacing a single lost tooth used to mean the use of a dental bridge, which is secured in place by two dental crowns on either side of your replacement tooth that are attached to the remaining teeth adjacent to the gap (called abutment teeth). By coupling a single dental crown to a dental implant, however, you can replace your lost tooth’s root-and-crown structure by mimicking the design nature intended. A dental implant is surgically inserted into your jawbone to serve as a prosthetic tooth root and can support any dental prosthetic, from dental crowns to partial and full dentures.

Porcelain Dental Crowns & More with Your San Jose Dentist

If you have a tooth that needs protection or replacement, find out how a porcelain dental crown may be your smile’s new best friend. To learn more, schedule a dental consultation with your Cupertino dentist by calling LaFrom Dentistry at (408) 996-8595. Located in the 95014 area, we proudly serve patients from San Jose, Saratoga, Campbell, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, and the surrounding communities.

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