The Benefits of a Confident Smile

smilerA smile is such a natural action that we can often engage in one without realizing it. Unless, that is, you are self-conscious about your smile, in which case you are probably more aware than others of your smile’s exposure. Dental disease, damage, and cosmetic blemishes can cause you to lose confidence in your smile and show it less often than you normally would. Other than your own self-consciousness, however, holding your smile back can deprive you of the subtle benefits that a naturally confident smile can provide your personal, professional, and social life. Cupertino dentist, Dr. Randall LaFrom, explores some of these benefits, and offers the services you need to transform your smile into one you can be proud of.

Did You Know?

Your smile is one of the most dominant features of your face, and as such, plays a significant role in your interactions with others. Below is a list of just some of the benefits and subtle signals that your smile makes possible;

  • Improve your social standing—People are typically more pleasant to be around when they are smiling. Chances are, you are no exception. By hiding your smile, you may appear as though your frowning, which typically heralds an unpleasant experience for anyone who would engage in conversation. By allowing your smile to show, however, others will consider you more approachable, encouraging more social interaction in your life.
  • Make others smile—Have you ever heard the saying that a smile is contagious? According to numerous studies, and perhaps your own personal experience, people tend to smile when seeing a friend or coworker smile. As smiles spread to more people around you, the atmosphere will lighten and you may feel your own demeanor rise a bit in response.
  • Exude confidence—Smiling often and easily can also convey an aura of confidence, as opposed to frowning as though you are always frustrated by something. In terms of your professional life, improved social standing among your coworkers and a persona of confident content can translate into more professional success as those above you take notice.

A Noteworthy Smile with Help from Your Cupertino Dentist

To learn how you can restore your smile in the midst of damage, disease, and other unsightliness, schedule a consultation with your Cupertino dentist by calling LaFrom Dentistry at (408) 996-8595. Located in the 95014 area, we proudly serve patients from Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Santa Clara County, Silicon Valley, and the surrounding communities.

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