Teeth Straightening Trivia and History

Did you know that Dr. Randall LaFrom offers Invisalign Braces to his patients? Invisalign is a popular alternative to traditional orthodontic methods because they do not utilize metal wires, brackets, or ligatures. Patients enjoy the comfort that Invisalign offers and the convenience to remove the plastic braces when eating and cleaning their teeth. Interestingly, people have sought to improve crooked smiles since ancient times. The history of orthodontics dates all the way back to the Ancient Egyptian Empire. Luckily, teeth straightening methods have come a long way over the years and we can benefit from advancements in orthodontic care.

Historical Teeth Straightening Facts

  • Archeologists have found Egyptian mummies with wires wrapped around individual teeth. Researchers suspect that these were used to straighten crooked smiles.
  • Royalty and prominent members of society in Ancient Egypt were known to use gold wire to enhance their smiles.
  • In 400 B.C, Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician, recorded teeth straightening methods into his medical journals.
  • A Roman historian during Jesus’ time recorded that the use of finger pressure was effective at aligning teeth.
  • The famous philosopher, Aristotle, analyzed teeth straightening methods.
  • Extracting teeth to prevent crowding dates back to the medieval period.
  • In the 1700 and 1800’s, French dentists made great advancements in orthodontics, including the extraction of pre-molars and the use of ligatures.
  • Early braces used in the Western hemisphere were often made of gold and silver in the 19th century,
  • In 1997, Invisalign Braces were invented by Stanford University graduate students who wanted to revolutionize teeth straightening.
  • Invisalign was first introduced for public use in 2000.

Invisalign Braces have changed the way we think about orthodontics. They provide patients with far more comfort and promote better oral hygiene than traditional wire braces. Additionally, the clear aligners are almost impossible to detect when you are wearing them, so you can straighten your smile in secret. If you are interested in straightening your smile, schedule a consultation with our Cupertino dentist office at (408) 996-8595 to find out if Invisalign is right for you. We straighten smiles in San Jose, Campbell, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, and Santa Clara County.

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