New Studies Link Pneumonia to Your Oral Health

When Am I at Risk for Pneumonia

You are essentially at risk for pneumonia infections all year long, but are more susceptible during the flu season. Pneumonia is an infection in your lungs and can be either a simple irritation or a more serious problem that might even hospitalize you. During cold and flu season, pneumonia is a higher risk because your immune system is already weakened. Several different types of parasites can infect the lungs, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The most common type of pneumonia is a bacterial infection. Under 20% of people who contract pneumonia infections are hospitalized. Additionally, many of those hospitalizations are infants, elderly, and other persons with weakened immune systems. If you keep healthy practices and prepare your body for sickness, you are a lot less likely to suffer from a serious case of pneumonia.

Prevent Pneumonia for You and Your Community

Studies show that if you use proper hygiene practices you may prevent contracting a serious lung infection. Practicing proper hygiene can include washing hands, exercising, eating healthy, refraining from smoking, staying away from sick people, and practicing regular oral hygiene. Although these practices might seem like common sense, they are often neglected during busy times of the year. Practicing good hygiene will prevent serious cases of pneumonia, as well as many other types of infections. More and more studies show that good oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing daily as well as visiting Dr. LaFrom every six months for cleanings and checkups, will prevent pneumonia. These studies found that a bacteria found in the mouth might evolve into the same bacteria found in pneumonia infections in the lungs. Good oral hygiene practices among elderly patients cut the risk of pneumonia by 33%.

In addition to good hygiene, it’s important for your own health and the health of your community to get vaccinations. Vaccines are a modern invention that can prepare your body for serious infection.

A vaccination is a solution that contains a weakened version of the particular bacteria. When the bacteria infiltrates, you body will go through the process of building antibodies, tiny mechanisms that kill bad bacteria, to kill off the infection. Once those antibodies are built, your body keeps them forever, so if you pick up the bacteria, your body is prepared to kill it off immediately.

You don’t get endless chances to take care of your body or your teeth. Contact Dr. LaFrom and our team at LaFrom Dentistry. We want you to know that we’re thankful for you and the opportunity to make you smile all year round. To schedule a post-holiday dental appointment, call our Cupertino dental office at (408) 996-8595.

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