How to Beat Bad Breath

There aren’t many situations more uncomfortable than being in close quarters with someone who has smelly breath – unless, of course, that smelly breath belongs to you. Talk about humiliating! Even worse, people often don’t know they have bad breath unless someone mentions it, and it’s not any easy subject to address. Gum, breath spray, and mouth wash usually masks odor, but doesn’t get rid of it.

If you suspect you have bad breath, or if you’re certain that you do, take steps to beat it for good!

1)     Brush twice and floss once, every single day. Plaque produces sulfur compounds that smell much like boiled eggs. Food particles lodged between teeth begin to break down, also causing foul odor. For even better daily hygiene, use a tongue scraper to remove stinky plaque and food particles from the crevices in your tongue.

2)     If you have problems with bad breath, don’t eat smelly foods, like garlic, onion, fish, or curry, except when you’re spending the day at home.

3)     Keep your mouth hydrated. Rinsing after eating meals, avoiding alcohol (it dries out the mouth), and sipping water all day long can help reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath.

4)     Don’t smoke, dip, or chew tobacco. It smells!

5)     Tooth decay can cause halitosis (bad breath), so be sure to attend six-month checkups. At these visits, your dentist will find and address cavities.

6)     Plaque, tartar, and gum disease are primary causes of bad breath. As with checkups, attending six-month dental cleanings allows your oral healthcare provider to minimize foul-smelling bacteria in your mouth.

7)   Sometimes bad breath can be the result of medications or disease in the body affecting the overall health. Diabetes, for example can cause a “sweet” smelling ordor in the mouth sometimes, some medications can also do something else to cause the breath have a certain mal-odor.

8)     Dr. LaFrom offers professional home breath care kits that include everything you need for fresh breath. Our products don’t contain alcohol, so they won’t dry out your mouth.

Don’t let smelly breath put an end to your smile (or your friendships). If you or someone you love suffers with halitosis, call LaFrom Dentistry in Cupertino today to schedule an appointment.

~ by cupertinodentist on July 11, 2011.

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