Beautiful One-Visit Dental Restorations for Cupertino

How would you like to have a brand new smile in one day? CEREC technology makes beautiful, healthy teeth possible in just one visit! With CEREC, Dr. Randy LaFrom, a Cupertino, CA, dentist can fabricate restorations in his office while you wait, and he can place them the same day.

What Restorations Can CEREC Produce?

CEREC technology allows Dr. LaFrom to produce any dental restoration that can restore a single tooth (in many cases,  it can be performed on multiple teeth at once as well):

    • Inlays: Conservative filling alternative that fits between cusps of teeth after a small amount of decay is removed
    • Onlays: Conservative filling alternative that fits on cusps of teeth after a small amount of decay is removed
    • Fillings: Placed when too much decay is present for inlays or onlays to work, a filling can repair the areas from which the decay is removed

  • Crowns: Restoration placed when not enough healthy tooth structure is left for a filling, or if you need to repair cracks or defects in teeth, crowns
  • Veneers: Repair cosmetic defects in teeth and strengthen worn enamel

How Does CEREC Work?

With conventional restorations, you normally need to see your dentist for at least two visits, a first visit to prepare the tooth and take impressions, and a second to place the restorations. In between visits, you would need to wear a temporary restoration.

But with CEREC, dentists can complete the restoration process on one or several teeth in one convenient visit. After minimal preparation, Dr. LaFrom uses Blue Cam CEREC to take digital images of teeth that need to be restored.  The CEREC machine reads the images, chooses the precise color, shape, and size specifications, and mills new restorations out of a porcelain block while the patient waits. Dr. LaFrom then bonds the restorations to the teeth and the patient walks out with a stronger, more beautiful smile.

To learn more about CEREC, or Dr. LaFrom’s other cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, call our Cupertino, CA, dental practice today at (408) 996-8595.

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