Cupertino General Dentist Shows How Exercise is Beneficial to Oral Health

Physicians and dietitians encourage patients to eat right and exercise often to maintain good overall health. But did you know that exercise can also lead to healthier gums and teeth?

A recent study by the University of Florida revealed that people who maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly can reduce the risk of periodontal disease. During the study, researchers measured body fat percentages, maximal oxygen consumption, and the body mass index of a group of volunteers. Using the collected measurements, researchers calculated each participant’s weight control and exercise capability.

After examining the data, the research team assessed the participants’ oral health and reviewed their oral care habits. Dr. Samuel Low, Associate Dean at the College of Dentistry, believes that both weight management and physical fitness contribute in lowering the risks of developing gum disease.
“Since gum disease is related to other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, there is even more reason to take care of yourself through diet and exercise,” stated Dr. Low.

Dr. Low tells us that in order to maintain good oral health, people should follow the American Dental Association’s guidelines for proper oral care: brush two times a day, floss once a day, rinse after meals, and keep your semi-annual dental cleaning and checkup appointments.

Maintaining a healthy regimen of diet and exercise and following the ADA guidelines will help protect the health of your teeth. If you are a San Jose or Cupetino resident, call me, Dr. Randy LaFrom, at (408)996-8595 to schedule an appointment for your six-month dental visit.

~ by cupertinodentist on May 25, 2011.

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