Indentafi Oral Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life

Approximately 37 thousand cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in the USA each year. Of these patients, about 8 thousand will not survive the next 5 years. The survival rate can go up to 80-90% if detected early.

Actor Michael Douglas was recently diagnosed and treated for oral cancer, and while it’s unfortunate that Mr. Douglas developed the disease, his condition has prompted media to increase public awareness – and that is definitely a silver lining.

Oral cancer is invasive and lethal. As a general dentist, I’m pleased to announce that we now use Identafi 3000 by Trimira for early detection of oral cancer in Cupertino, CA dental office.

This innovative tool allows me to locate oral cancer cells before the surface in the mouth. Finding and treating finding cancer early significantly increases the potential for survival. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, “People’s lives can be saved through early detection of oral, head and neck cancers.”

How Identafi Works

When light interacts with oral tissue, it can be reflected or absorbed. The way light reacts on tissue reveals whether that tissue is normal or abnormal. The Identafi handheld wand uses spectral fluorescence and reflectance technology to enhance visualization of mucosal abnormalities. The Identafi wand simply shines a light on oral tissues. I inspect tissue in the mouth, on the tongue, gums, mouth floor, palates, interior of cheeks and lips, pharynx and on the tonsils. Then I interpret the readings to determine if there is cause for concern. The entire process is non-invasive and quick.

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Identafi technology promotes a more precise ability to determine whether suspicious lesions are benign or malignant. This means that we can reduce the false positive results and provide you with more reliable information about your condition.

What You Should Know

People who use tobacco and alcohol are at higher risk for developing oral cancer, but the disease can strike anyone. At your dental checkups, I can screen for oral cancer with Identafi. However, between visits, if you notice a mouth sore or experience a hoarse voice that does not go away in two weeks, come in for a screening.

If you need a general or cosmetic dentist in Cupertino or San Jose, I invite you to call LaFrom Dentistry at 408-996-8595. I’m Dr. Randall LaFrom, and I want to help you enjoy a life filled with healthy, beautiful smiles.

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