Low-Radiation Digital X-rays

One of the greatest aspects of contemporary dentistry is technology that improves patient safety and diagnostic capability. One such tool is digital x-rays, or digital radiography. I’m Dr. Randall LaFrom.  At LaFrom Dentistry in Cupertino, CA, I’ve invested in digital x-rays because I believe it improves my ability to administer state-of-the-art dental care to my patients.

Benefits of digital radiography over traditional radiography are vast. Studies show, digital x-rays require patients to be subjected to 80-90% less radiation. In addition, digital images are immediately transmitted to a large screen monitor where I can examine a patient’s underlying oral structures. The resolution and detail in digital radiographs is unequalled. I can adjust the contrast, apply color coding to various materials in the mouth, and zoom in on an image during diagnostics, which allows me more detailed information for more accurate diagnoses.

Understanding and integrating what I consider to be the best technology in dentistry is simply something that my patients deserve. If dental technology interests you, feel free to request a tour of our technology while you’re in the office. My team and I welcome questions and enjoy discussing the exciting innovations and developments in dentistry we have embraced.

I invite you to experience state-of-the-art dental care and digital radiography for yourself. Call LaFrom Dentistry for cosmetic and restorative dental care if you live or work in the San Jose, CA area. Reserve a convenient appointment, and we’ll sit down to discuss your dental needs.

~ by cupertinodentist on December 18, 2010.

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