What’s Next for Dentistry?

Most people think that dentists are stuffy, boring, and rather like an encyclopedia of facts about teeth. Most people don’t know me. Just kidding. I do want to share with you one big reason that I think dentistry is amazing – the scientific developments that lead to improving people’s lives.

Saliva testing, minimally invasive porcelain veneers, safer x-rays, and advances in dental materials have changed the way we do dentistry today. And tomorrow, there will be even more change. Check out this exciting research that’s under development right now:

Wooden Bones: Scientists have found that they can turn wood, like oak and rattan, into a substitute for bone. The recipe is: take some wood, heat it until it’s completely carbon, spray on calcium, apply intense pressure. In about a week, after about $850, you have a bone substitute. Sound crazy? Well, there’s a herd of sheep with prosthetic wooden bone implants in Italy right now. This development could significantly alter the bone harvesting and grafting procedures used in implant, oral, and maxillofacial surgery.

Tooth Growing Gel: Imagine never needing a filling again. Wow. That’s what’s on the horizon. Researchers have developed a gel that causes teeth to naturally regenerate – grow back. So, if you have a cavity, a dentist might simply apply the gel to regrow the missing portion of your tooth. This is not science fiction, folks. This is reality!

No More Wisdom Teeth: Laser dentistry is used for diagnostics, soft tissue, and hard tissue applications at present. Scientists have found, in lab puppies and baby rats, that a diode laser can also zap away the cells that mature into wisdom teeth buds. Without the cells, there are no wisdom teeth, which means healthier mouths, less surgical extraction, and more comfort for dental patients!

As a general and cosmetic dentist serving San Jose, I count it my responsibility to learn about the latest developments in the dental field. You deserve the best care I can offer, and that standard demands that I maintain a high level of knowledge and expertise. Each year, I acquire more than the state’s required amount of continuing education, and I’m also very involved in professional dental organizations. Dentistry is my career, and taking great care of patients is my passion. If you’d like to schedule a visit with me, Dr. LaFrom, call my Cupertino dental office at 408-996-8595.

~ by cupertinodentist on December 8, 2010.

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