Saliva Testing

The mouth is often referred to as the window to the body, and it makes sense. It has been proven that your oral health has a significant impact on overall health. I’m Dr. Randy LaFrom of LaFrom Dentistry, and I want to help you enjoy maximum oral and overall health. One innovative strategy is testing saliva.

Saliva is the body’s natural defense for the oral cavity. Saliva tests can predict your risk for getting cavities. In addition, it can help diagnose risk for periodontal disease, as well as many other diseases like cancer, diabetes, HIV, and other infections. In fact, some medical experts predict that saliva tests will replace blood tests in many cases, because they are so easy to implement and non-invasive.

Saliva testing consists of multiple assessments to measure specific aspects of your saliva and oral pH levels. I’ll test your saliva flow and salivary consistency. The pH of your saliva provides valuable information about your oral health. Saliva that is too low or acidic promotes cavities. I will test the resting pH level and then ask you to chew on a piece of unflavored wax so that I can test your stimulated level.

Saliva testing may sound time consuming, but my patients are always surprised by how quick and easy it is. I usually test saliva during examinations and dental cleanings. We can discuss my findings and your general oral hygiene routine, then I’ll offer  advice or recommendations for treatment, if needed. It is imperative to have a dental exam and cleaning every six months. Exams and procedures such as saliva testing can prevent small problems from escalating.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call LaFrom Dental Care today.

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