Oraverse Reverses Dental Numbness, Stat!

Dr. Randall LaFrom in Cupertino is one of the first Dentists in the San Francisco Bay area to offer his patients the opportunity to have no lingering numbness that usually accompanies dental procedures that require numbing.

In addition to offering services such as LASER dentistry, and AIR ABRASION to remove cavities without using a drill, this office has been using a new product called ORAVERSE that actually reverses the effect of anesthetic. This means, that when you go to have a filling done, the numb tongue, drooling, difficulty with speech or smiling is reversed within minutes of completion of your dental work instead of hours!

When a dental procedure is needed on both sides of the jaw on the lower arch, the tongue can be completely numb and this makes it difficult to swallow, or even speak. Thanks to these new products available through certain offices in Santa Clara County – Dr. LaFrom in Cupertino is able to provide you with QUICK reversal of that numbness.  The product increases the blood flow to the area diluting the anesthetic and within minutes, the numbness is gone.

“This is awesome, I always hated the numbness after my dental visits and this takes care of that. I was practically not numb by the time the procedure was over!” commented happy patient Jim M.

~ by cupertinodentist on January 9, 2010.

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