4 Critical Oral Health Issues Diabetic Patients Must Know

smileCurrent research is showing that there is a 2-way relationship between Diabetes and Gum Disease.  With Diabetes affecting up to 10% of the adult population, it is one of the more common disease found in patients with periodontal disease. As a matter of fact, periodontal disease is the sixth most common long-term complication of diabetes.

30% of the diabetic patients have severe periodontal disease. This shows up as bleeding gums, loose teeth and bone loss. If a person doesn’t take the necessary precautions with diet or medication, and adds to this risk, smoking and high blood pressure – they are almost guaranteed to have serious dental problems before age 50.

10-15% of the population are pre-diabetic. The disease often is slow developing and asymptomatic (no signs of disease) for up to ten years! Certain things can push the disease along, including pregnancy, pancreatic disease, drugs, being overweight, stress, and poor diet.

If a person notices that they are chronically thirsty, have unusual weight loss, any type of blurred vision or regular tiredness – they may want to have a diabetes screening done.  More advanced stages we tend to see vascular diseases occurring including poor circulation to the peripheral parts of the body such as the hands and the feet, as well as the joints.

In addition to taking recommended medications, or modifying your diet and losing weight, people who may be in the diabetic or pre-diabetic category should monitor their sugar intake, give their doctor or dentist a comprehensive Medical History, and perhaps have morning appointments so they don’t miss meals and allow consistent intake of glucose throughout the day to avoid becoming hypoglycemic.

These concerns are especially important for patients undergoing long procedures, complicated procedures or implant surgery, since these stress the body and the diabetes can affect the healing rate of the surgery.

Dr. LaFrom in Cupertino, has been practicing 27 years and has been trained in medical evaluation of dental patients. He has a program specifically for DIABETIC patients who wish to radically lower their RISK for both tooth and gum disease. More information can be found on the website or by calling the office (408-996-8595) and asking for a consultation. Don’t take a risk with your life or your health.

As Teresa O. of San Jose states, “Dr. LaFrom was recommended to me by a colleague. The genuine interest in the patients dental health and the truly positive attitude of everyone in the office is refreshing. I feel confident leaving my smile in the capable hands of Dr. LaFrom and staff”.

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