Should Parents Monitor Their Childrens’ Fluoride?

You need to monitor your child’s fluoride intake as regular fluoride intake in children, more than the optimal amounts can often lead to fluorosis. According to one of the popular dentists in CupertinoDr. LaFrom, addition of fluoridated water to your child’s baby formula may increase the chances of the development of dental fluorosis, which is a harmless cosmetic condition that can be noted by the appearance of brown, discolored or spotted enamel.   

Dr. LaFrom says that parents should be careful while diluting formula concentrations, as wells or community water sources often have fluoride levels that are higher than 1.2 ppm, the highest quantity that is beneficial for preventing tooth decay. He also says that parents should take their children to the dentist if they find brown spots on their kid’s teeth.  

If your child’s first primary teeth develop some fluorosis problem, you should correct it so that your child has lower risks of having a problem when his/her permanent teeth erupt at the age of 5 or 6.   

It is also a good idea to check the fluoride levels in your water source. You may either take the water sample to your local water or health department, or ask your dentist to test the same with his colorimeter

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