Why Use Floss & Mouthwash?

Though most of the people have all the necessary tooth tools like toothbrush, mouthwash and floss to keep their teeth healthy, many only make use of the toothbrush on a regular basis. If the same is applicable to you, it is time to start using your mouthwash and floss – says Dr. LaFrom, one of the leading dentists in Cupertino

Stressing the need for flossing, Dr. LaFrom says that since your toothbrush can’t remove particles stuck in between your teeth, you need to use flossing for the job. However, he cautions, that you need to be aware of the proper flossing techniques and ensure that you are doing it the right way. He also supports the use of mouthwash, which he believes can give a clean feel to your mouth. 

Choosing the proper mouthwash is an important thing. You will mainly get two types of categories, namely cosmetic mouthwashes and therapeutic mouthwashes. Though cosmetic mouthwashes can hide bad breath and even get rid of some mouth bacteria, their overall influence on your dental health is limited. On the other hand, therapeutic mouthwashes can help fight cavities and periodontal diseases, along with building tooth enamel. So, you should consult your dentist to know which type of mouthwash will suit you best. 

You can pay a visit to www.dentist-cupertino.com to know more about various tooth tools and the correct procedures of using them on your teeth. 

~ by cupertinodentist on October 26, 2009.

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