What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease or otherwise known as gum diseases, are one of the most common dental problems. It not only involves swelling and bleeding of the gums, but in more acute cases, results in loss of bone structure of the teeth. As a result of this, the patient might even loose teeth due to periodontal disease. Dr. LaFrom, one of the popular dentists in Cupertino, says that Gingivitis, and the different stages of periodontitis are the most common type of periodontal diseases.


Gingivitis is caused by bacterial infection or plaque attack along the gum line. This results in swelling and bleeding of the gums. If the gum infection continues, it will result in more severe conditions like teeth loss. This mainly happens due to the lack of early detection and proper treatment; hence the gums become a breeding ground for plaque and bacteria.


Dr. LaFrom says that periodontal diseases are either hereditary or are caused due to lifestyle related issues like smoking and excessive stress. In any case, an early detection might solve a lot of your gum disease related problems. Periodontal diseases are not as painful as many other dental problems, and hence there is a general tendency to neglect them. If you have noticed regular gum bleedings during brushing, it is time to consult a dentist.


The best way to get hold of a specialist periodontist is by first referring your gum disease condition to your regular dentist and then acting on his/her recommendation. To know more about treatments for periodontal diseases, visit www.dentist-cupertino.com to make an appointment with Dr. LaFrom.

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