What is a Maryland Bridge?

A Maryland bridge is a cost effective way to replace a missing tooth. It is a variant of the dental bridge and can be used in cases where the adjacent teeth to the affected one are healthy and can support the abutments of the Maryland bridge. Dr. LaFrom, one of the esteemed dentists in Cupertino, says that Maryland bridge can pose certain aesthetic problems but is otherwise a successful alternative to the traditional bridge.


A Maryland bridge consists of a porcelain tooth that is held together by metallic structures on both the sides. This porcelain tooth is called the pontic. It is placed as a tooth-replacement by attaching the metal structure to the back of the healthy teeth on both the sides of the missing one. Resin cement is often used as the substance for cementing the metal frames. So, it is also called resin bonded bridge. A Maryland bridge is typically used in cases where the front teeth are missing.


Dr. LaFrom says that the metal that is used in the Maryland bridge might result in certain aesthetic irregularities like distortion of the natural color of both the adjoining teeth and the porcelain tooth. You need to take proper care of your Maryland bridge to make it last longer. It is essential to follow the regular brushing and flossing routine. A regular dental check up is also necessary in this regard.


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~ by cupertinodentist on October 12, 2009.

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