Dental Patients’ Rights

As a dental patient, you are entitled to certain rights that would ensure a higher standard of dental treatment for you. The American Dental Association (ADA) has been working vociferously to create awareness for these patient rights. They are also lobbying for various legislations that would empower the patients to demand more out of their dental insurances and health care services. Dr. LaFrom, one of the leading dentists in the Cupertino region, says that the rights of the dental patients are an effective means to implement a more alert and caring dental treatment procedure.


Most of the dental clinics would advertise in some form or the other the rights that you would enjoy as a patient. Dr. LaFrom says that these rights would typically include your right to visit the dentist of your choice; to know about the cost of the treatment procedure before the treatment actually begins, to know what exactly has happened to you and the possible treatments, in a manner that a non-medical person might understand. These rights would also ensure that you could stop your treatment with a particular dentist whenever you feel like with complete confidentiality of your records.


There are various other patient rights and a conscientious dental clinic or a dentist would cooperate with you so that you might actually benefit from them. In case they don’t, you can always take legal help or the help of any local dental association.


Dr. LaFrom greatly values dental patient rights and is highly reputed for his concern about his patients. He has a very efficient team of medical professionals and patient coordinators who are always ready to help you with your needs and queries. Please visit to know more about the solutions to your dental problems or to make an appointment with Dr. LaFrom.

~ by cupertinodentist on October 8, 2009.

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