About Dental Allergies

Dental allergy is indeed a matter of concern for dentists and patients as it causes various inconveniences in the treatment procedure. Dental allergies can cause significant delay in the treatment and can also take a dangerous turn if you and your dentist are not careful. Dr LaFrom, one of the leading dentists in the Cupertino region, says that dental allergy is a major hindrance in effective dental treatments and hence one needs to be extra careful when dealing with patients, prone to allergy.


Dr. LaFrom says that one of the most common types of dental allergy is latex allergy. Latex is a natural rubber like substance and is regularly used in various household products like balloons, bandages, elastics etc. Latex sometimes serves as a component in the gloves used by the dentists. The dental masks and the syringes might also contain latex. The airborne protein particles of the latex can cause allergic reactions like breathing problems or in more damaging cases, may even result in anaphylactic shock.


There are other types of dental allergies like allergic reaction to local anesthesia and metal allergies that may lead to problems with dental crowns and dentures. If you have experienced dental allergies before or have an allergic tendency to any of these materials, make sure you convey the information to your dentist. He/She would then be able to take adequate preventive measures.


So, if you are looking for effective solutions to all your dental problems including dental allergies, you can visit www.dentist-cupertino.com to make an appointment with Dr. LaFrom. Lauri, a satisfied patient says, “The staff and doctor are wonderful. Make you feel like a friend they care about while maintaining a professional demeanor. Always helpful and the very best dental services and caring staff and doctor. Highly recommend to friends, family and associates.” 



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