More about Dental Amalgams (Silver Fillings)

Dental amalgams or silver fillings have generated controversy among the dentists for ages. The point of contention is that they contain mercury, which is toxic and can be harmful for the patients’ health. Dr. LaFrom, one of the most popular dentists in the Cupertino area, informs us that silver fillings are the least expensive type of filling and that’s the reason why the dental insurance companies would only pay for that. But more advanced and durable methods like composite filling are gradually becoming popular among the dentists and the patients. 

Dental amalgam or silver filling contains mercury, silver, tin and copper. Mercury that binds all the metals together forms about fifty percent of the component. It has been heavily debated whether the mercury present in the silver fillings cause autoimmune disorders, chronic illnesses, birth defects, neurodegenerative diseases, mental disorders and oral lesions,. However, according to many dentists, dental amalgam is perfectly safe and time-tested. Despite this controversy, dental amalgam or silver filling is more or less approved by organized dentistry.  

Dr. LaFrom says that the toxic nature of mercury in the dental amalgam remains a debatable issue. However, it is additionally dangerous because it might lead to tooth fracture as mercury is very susceptible to temperature changes. By using dental amalgam, one also adds to the environment pollution as mercury from amalgam and laboratory devices accounts for a sizeable percentage of mercury emissions. Porcelains, glass, and composites are alternate materials that are found to be much more durable and convenient than dental amalgam or silver filling. The only problem is that they are much more expensive. 

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Cindy confirms “For being a ‘dental’ visit, it’s always gentle and easy. Thanks Doc!”

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