The Importance of Dental Insurance

If you are serious about your dental health care, then you must be serious about your dental insurance as well. Dr. Lafrom – one of the most popular dentists in Cupertino, advises that you should choose your dental insurance plan as carefully as you choose your dentist. 

Dr. LaFrom informs us that there is no perfect dental insurance plan but certainly some plans would be more suitable to your needs than others. No dental insurance plan is going to cover your dental care expenses completely and all of them have coverage limits depending on how much you pay. For any average dental insurance plan, you are required to pay the basic monthly premium and some additional charges like deductibles, co payments, and coinsurance.  

Most dental insurance companies consider the dental care treatments under three categories. These are preventive – which includes routine checking, basic or restorative – involving treatments like dental fillings, and major – including dental surgeries and implants. Majority of the dental insurance companies would set their own standard price for dental treatments that might differ from what your dentist would actually charge. Dental insurance plans are mainly of two types, namely Indemnity and Managed care plans. While the former offers you a wider choice of dentists, the latter involves agreements with participating dentists to provide you with comprehensive dental care treatment at a lower rate. 

You must be very careful to optimally use your dental insurance coverage. You should check out certain basic facts like what amount of monthly payments you have to make and which dentists are part of your dental insurance plan. For knowing more about dental insurance services and dental health care, you can visit our website and contact Dr. Lafrom.

~ by cupertinodentist on August 23, 2009.

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