Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Many children and adults dread their visits to the dentists and some even avoid going to the dentists due to dental phobias and anxieties. Dr. LaFrom – a leading dentist in Cupertino, informs us that many of his patients are indeed terrified of visiting the dentist. However, he adds that there are many ways to overcome the fear. You can start by knowing that you are not the only one scared and it is not strange to be so. Dentistry involves many painful procedures but an expert dentist and his team would understand your problems, empathize with you and ultimately cure you. Thus, by enduring the momentary pain, you would be saved from something potentially dangerous and far more painful. 

Dr. LaFrom says that dental phobia like all other phobias is an irrational fear and can be tackled with the help of your dentist. While mild dental anxieties are normal, severe dental phobia can become a serious issue and a deterrent to dental treatment. In these cases, patients avoid going to the dentists and even if they make an appointment, they are extremely scared and often fall ill due to the stress. There are many dentists who follow sedation techniques to create relaxing atmosphere and ease their patients’ anxieties. Incase of children, parents must ensure that children visit their dentists regularly to overcome this fear. They must also not pass on their own anxieties about dentists to their children. 

Dental anxieties and phobias can also result from the unfeeling remarks by dentists or hygienists which lead to embarrassment for the patients. Dr. LaFrom not only offers expert medical service but also a relaxing environment and inspires trust from his patients. Lily, one of his many impressed patient says “Best dentist and front office and staff I’ve ever experienced!!”. You can visit our website for further details.

~ by cupertinodentist on August 20, 2009.

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