Oral Health Care for Men

Many surveys and studies have shown that men are more prone to neglect their oral health than women. Dr. LaFrom – one of the most respected dentists in Cupertino, says that many of his male patients suffer from dental diseases due to their carelessness in practicing habits of oral hygiene.  

It has been observed in many surveys that fewer men take preventive dental measures than women and visit dentists only when their years of neglect have resulted into major dental problems. Studies have also shown that men are more relaxed than women in following simple dental health care routines like brushing and flossing of teeth. Dr. LaFrom says that men are more likely to suffer from periodontal diseases which are caused due to plaque attack. New links have been discovered between periodontal diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, it is very essential to do the needful to avoid these diseases and immediately consult a dentist in case of bleeding gums or loose teeth. 

Men are also more likely to smoke than women and tobacco related dental problems and diseases like oral cancer occur more frequently in men than in women. The percentage of men taking medications for heart diseases is much higher and these medications can cause dry mouth. These also disturb the saliva flow and increase the chance of cavity formation. Those who suffer from dry mouth have to increase their water intake to avoid further complications. Alcohol or alcohol based mouth rinse should also be avoided in these cases. Men who play contact sports should wear mouth guards to minimize the risk of damage to their teeth. Dr. LaFrom offers expert services in dealing with these dental problems. Visit our website and contact him for further assistance related to your dental troubles.

~ by cupertinodentist on August 19, 2009.

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