Dealing with a Dental Emergency

Accidents can happen without any prior notice and you would need to see an emergency dentist without delay when your mouth, teeth or jaw gets injured. Remember – delay in getting treatment for a dental emergency may cause permanent damage afterwards, which in turn may translate into a more extensive and costly treatment later. So, don’t neglect your dental emergency and seek the help of an emergency dentist without a second thought.

Dr. LaFrom – a popular dentist in Cupertino, informs about some of the simple steps that you can take to deal with a dental emergency:

Broken Tooth: Keep the pieces of your broken tooth, if any, aside and use warm water to rinse your mouth. Put a cold compress on the affected area to reduce the pain and swelling until you the emergency dentist calls you for a check up.

Bitten Tongue or Lip: After cleaning the region, use an ice pack to decrease the swelling. Consult your dentist right away if the bleeding refuses to stop.

Broken Jaw: Apply a pack of ice to limit the swelling and go to your dentist without further deliberation.

Broken Filling: Most of the time, this can wait, the common problems are a sharp edge or cold sensitivity. Drug stores often sell a product to put in there temporarily until you can get to the dentist.

When your tooth is knocked out: Rinse off your knocked out tooth gently, taking care about not removing any attached tissue. If possible, let the tooth stay at its original place in the socket. Otherwise, put it in a glass of milk and rush to an emergency dentist without delay. Time is critical with a tooth knocked out whether it can be reimplanted or not. If you wait more than 2 hours, the survival rate drops to less than 10%.

To learn more about dealing with dental emergencies, you can visit our website or make an appointment with Dr. LaFrom.

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