Wisdom Teeth: Dealing with a Common Dental Problem

wisdom_teeth_01_en1Wisdom teeth are generally the last set of teeth that grow at the back of your mouth and do not come up till your teenage years. They are the third molars and are usually four in number. The general age range when wisdom teeth comes up is 17-25 years, the age by which a person is considered matured enough and hence the name. But a person might get his or her wisdom teeth before or after this period. 

Dr. LaFrom says that you must regularly keep in touch with your dentist to deal with your wisdom teeth problem. If they grow without being infected or impacted, there is no need to remove them. Otherwise, the most important thing to do is to get the impacted wisdom teeth removed. Tooth Pain, tooth crowding and partially erupted wisdom teeth are also major problems that need the help of your dentist.  

There are a few things that you can do to avoid impacted wisdom teeth. A healthy diet is essential in the early years and the children in their middle teens can get their teeth x-rayed to detect the risk of future wisdom teeth. You can do little about wisdom teeth once you grow up. So, preventive measures should be taken very early on. Dr. LaFrom says that you should consult your dentist for further ramifications before going to an oral surgeon. 

To know more about wisdom teeth, you can pay a visit to our website or visit Dr. LaFrom – one of the leading dentists around Cupertino.

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