Your Dental First Aid Kit

If you are planning for a trip where you would be invariably away from your general dentist, then you might consider taking a dental first aid kit for emergency situations. Dr. LaFrom – one of the popular dentists of Cupertino, says that it might also help if you keep one at home. 

Emergency situations might occur if you lose a filling, knockout or lose a tooth. In these cases, a dental first aid kit might rescue you out of the painful situation. Even when a crown falls off or wires on your braces break, you would require immediate relief. A standard dental first aid kit would contain a natural pain reliever like clove oil, a dental mirror, tweezers, cotton pellets to be kept in zipper bags, petroleum jelly, dental floss, soft dental wax and most importantly – your dentist’s and your dental insurance’s phone number. In case you are unable to contact your dentist, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while using your dental first aid kit. If the filling falls off, dip the cotton pellets in the clove oil and put the entire cotton pellet on the tooth. If you lose any of your teeth, rinse it very gently and put it back in the socket. Keep it moist by placing it in milk or saliva and don’t scrub it. Try to contact your dentist as soon as possible.  

Dr. LaFrom provides you with very prompt emergency appointments even at after-hours. Please visit our website for further details. Your dental first aid kit along with the expert assistance of Dr. LaFrom might just save you out of a fix!

~ by cupertinodentist on August 12, 2009.

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