Caring for Your Dentures – the Right Way!

If you want to avoid spending money on expensive and unnecessary denture repair, you need to take proper care of your dentures. Even your oral hygiene depends on how well you care for your dentures.

According to Dr. LaFrom – one of the leading dentists in Cupertino, it’s important to handle your dentures carefully as they are fragile. You also need to brush your dentures daily to remove stains, dental plaque or food articles. Having good oral hygiene also helps to keep your dentures sparkling. Remember – you should brush your tongue, gums and palate every morning before inserting your dentures as this will not only stimulate circulation in your gums and mouth, but will also prevent the build-up of plaque.

To prevent your dentures from losing their shape or drying out, you should keep them moist by soaking them in either water or a cleansing solution recommended by your dentist. However, don’t use hot water to soak your dentures as distortion may set in if you do so.

Feeling of soreness and minor discomfort in your lips, cheeks and tongue are quite natural when you start wearing your dentures for the first time. That’s why it’s vital, feels Dr. LaFrom, to have regular appointments with your dentist so that he/she can bring the necessary adjustments in your dentures’ fittings to improve your level of comfort. Such regular follow-up appointments with your dentist will also help you steer clear of serious problems, which may have occurred otherwise in the future.

To know more about the steps to take proper care of your dentures, you can visit our website and contact Dr. LaFrom for an appointment.

“This is a very honest and well-run dental practice, and it is very friendly. I am particularly impressed with the more advanced perspectives on treating and preventing tooth problems. Dr. Randy is thorough and is committed to patient satisfaction. Keep up the good work and keep looking for new ways to provide treatment! Thanks!”   – Ron

~ by cupertinodentist on August 3, 2009.

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