Watch What you Eat to Preserve Teeth

There are a lot of people who seem to be at a loss to find out what it is that could be causing them dental cavities as well as lots of pain, bother and expenses. Dr. LaFrom – one of the leading dentists in Cupertino, has some interesting instances to mention when it comes to cavities. It’s been seen that what passes off as health supplements or medicines could actually be causing a lot of harm to the dental health of a person.

It has been observed that a common culprits  is antacid. Most of the people think nothing before popping a couple of antacids whenever they face any digestive problems, oblivious to the fact that antacids are coated with sugar. Though it may be mentioned as dextrose on the label, it is in fact, sugar. So, popping such antacids on a regular basis gives rise to dental problems.

It is not only the antacids that are to be blamed. Some of the other suspects are cough drops, throat lozenges and syrups that have sugar in some form or the other. Many of these are disguised in the form of corn syrup that could actually lead to cavities. So, to steer clear of such things and enjoy good oral health, please contact Dr. LaFrom to learn more about which foods and substances to avoid in order to prevent cavities.


~ by cupertinodentist on July 16, 2009.

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