Effective Root Canal Treatment

The very mention of root canal sends many people into a feeling of great dread as well as revulsion. People would rather avoid going through a dental procedure that is perceived to be very painful and quite a bother, involving many sittings. If this has been your predicament, you can safely consult Dr. LaFrom for suitable treatment advice.

Teeth are one of the most amazing parts of our body as they lend beauty to our demeanor and are utilitarian in terms of food ingestion and digestion. Teeth consist of the external dentine, which is the hard covering over the internal part that is made of blood vessels as well as nerve endings. There could be quite a few reasons that led to tooth ache which include injury to the teeth, degeneration of nerve and the like. Dr. LaFrom specializes in correct diagnosis of the real reason for the painful teeth and the appropriate treatment thereof.  

Around the world, it has been observed that far more root canal treatments are done than actually necessary. While the economic impact cannot be ignored, you can rest assured that Dr. LaFrom takes every step to ascertain the real cause of a tooth problems and recommends a root canal only if absolutely required.

Please visit our website( http://dentist-cupertino.com ) for more information and to contact Dr. LaFrom.

What our patients are saying: “For being a ‘dental’ visit, it’s always gentle and easy. Thanks Doc”- Cindy.



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