Dentistry Goes High-Tech in Silicon Valley

Lasers and CAD/CAM and video technology have come to Cupertino at Dr. LaFrom’s dental office. During the last 20 years, the office has taken the digital revolution and implemented the newest technologies to provide quicker, more comfortable, safer, more conservative and more cosmetic procedures for their patients.

Whether it is gum recontouring, laser whitening, porcelain veneers or onlays done in about one hour, technology has brought esthetics and quality to a new level for dentists and their patients.

With the introduction of CEREC, dentists are able to provide tooth-like natural restorations in about one hour that mimic the esthetics and strength of human teeth. Using the CAD/CAM technology, a pre-picture is taken of the tooth before preparing it for the restoration. Then again, after the tooth is prepared, another picture is taken. Using sophisticated software (and without having an impression tray in your mouth), the dentist then designs the crown or onlay and mills it right there chairside and this avoids a second visit, a temporary crown and additional shots.  Patients love the process and appreciate that it is quick and easy.

The WATERLASE Laser is used for many procedures including gum recontouring, removing small cavities and desensitizing teeth to name a few. Other lasers can be used for assisting with whitening the teeth and helping with mouth ulcers.

Digital X-RAYS allow the dentist to use up to 90% less radiation to take x-rays, view them on computer screens and email them to other specialists. This technology has sped up the process of dental implants, root canals, and exams. Since you can see the picture almost immediately, you can know if you got a great picture instantly.

For more information about these and other procedures you can contact the office or view the website listed above.

~ by cupertinodentist on January 9, 2009.

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