High-Tech Dentistry

When we speak of High-Tech Dentistry, we are referring to the advances that science has made that allow us to better serve our patients. Through these new technologies, we not only can provide better service, but can often do so faster and more efficiently. Some of the hi-tech tools, procedures and equipment that we currently utilize include,

• PRACTICE MANGEMENT SOFTWARE to efficiently manage patient records, procedures and appointments

• CEREC CADCAM 3D for creating porcelain crowns in one visit (while you wait)

• INTRA-ORAL CAMERAS for helping with diagnosis and treatment plans

• DENTAL LASERS for cutting tooth structures, gum trimming, bleaching, etc.

• MICRO AIR-ABRASION TOOL eliminates old-fashioned drilling for cavity removal

• DIRECT DIGITAL X-RAY uses the latest technology to replace x-ray film with less radiation

• CAESY DENTAL EDUCATION SYSTEM to help patients better understand their treatment details

Dr LaFrom takes full advantage of all the latest dental procedures and spends considerable time investing in technology advances to better serve his patients. To schedule your appointment, please contact my office.

~ by cupertinodentist on October 31, 2008.

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