Cupertino Dentist Explores TMJ Discomfort

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young girl jaw painDoes your jaw hurt? Do you hear a popping or clicking noise when you open and/or close your mouth? TMJ disorder is a jaw dysfunction that inhibits the mouth’s movement and causes a wide range of discomfort by afflicting the jaw’s joints. Unfortunately, the symptoms of TMJ disorder are diverse enough that diagnosing the malady is often difficult. To help determine if your chronic discomfort is TMJ related, your Cupertino dentist, Dr. Randall LaFrom, explores TMJ disorder’s common causes and symptoms.

Trouble with Jaw Movement

The lower jaw hinges on the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) that connect the mandible to the skull and move together as the jaw opens and closes. Like hinges on a door, jaw joints can become damaged if the jaw isn’t aligned properly, or if the joints are placed under an excessive amount of pressure. Crooked teeth, a congenital jaw defect, or a traumatic injury can disturb a bite’s natural balance, forcing the jaw to work extra hard to remain straight while biting and chewing. Bruxism, the common habit of grinding teeth, can strain jaw joints and lead to TMJ disorder, as well. Typically, finding relief from TMJ discomfort requires correcting the issue that’s causing the disorder to allow the joints to heal. Continue reading ‘Cupertino Dentist Explores TMJ Discomfort’

Cupertino CA Dentist Lists Three Benefits of Dental Braces

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smile 7Have you considered straightening your teeth to achieve your ideal smile? If so, there are several reasons to go ahead and opt for dental braces. To learn about these reasons, consult the following list provided by your Cupertino CA dentist, Dr. Randall LaFrom. Continue reading ‘Cupertino CA Dentist Lists Three Benefits of Dental Braces’

Cupertino Dentist: Try Our Family Dentistry Quiz

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Few things brighten your day like the smiles of your family. In order to keep your family’s smiles healthy and happy, they require regular dental care. At LaFrom Dentistry, we offer comfortable and caring family dentistry. In today’s blog, your Cupertino dentist, Dr. Randall LaFrom, uses a fun and informative quiz to discuss the benefits of routine family dental care.

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Cupertino Dentist Discusses Orthodontic Treatment

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Do you want a gorgeous, even smile? Like many people, you probably wish to avoid unsightly metal braces.  Thankfully, LaFrom Dentistry offers an alternative to traditional dental braces with Invisalign. In today’s blog, your Cupertino dentist, Dr. Randy LaFrom, discusses the importance of dental braces and recommends smile correction with Invisalign.

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Cupertino Dentist Answers FAQs About General Dentistry

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When was the last time you visited the dentist? Routine dental care is vital for safeguarding the health and beauty of your smile. Without general dentistry, you can experience an increased risk of discoloration, tooth decay, and gum disease. In today’s blog, your Cupertino dentist, Dr. Randy LaFrom, answers your frequently asked questions about the importance of general dental care.

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Cupertino Dentist Discusses the Benefits of Clear Braces

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Do you suffer from crooked or crowded teeth? Smile misalignment can be embarrassing and leave patients feeling self-conscious about their teeth. While braces can correct misalignment, many people feel hesitant to receive a mouth full of metal. Thankfully, LaFrom Dentistry offers a clear and comfortable alternative: Invisalign. In today’s blog, your Cupertino dentist, Dr. Randy LaFrom, uses a fun and informative quiz to discuss the advantages of the Invisalign system.

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Cupertino Dentist Explores the Damage of Clenching Teeth

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frustrated woman clenched teethTeeth are meant to bite, grind, tear, and chew food multiple times a day, and are designed to do so with relative ease. When no food rests between upper and lower teeth, the friction from clenching and grinding can alter or destroy healthy tooth structure. Known as bruxism, habitual teeth clenching is a significant factor behind many forms of dental trouble, including worn teeth and damaged jaw joints (TMJ disorder). Since patients often exhibit bruxism in their sleep, it isn’t always obvious. However, as your Cupertino dentist explains, clenching teeth can leave clues, often in the form of dental damage, that can warn you of the habit’s existence.

Signs of Bruxism

Damaged/Worn Teeth

Patient’s don’t always exhibit toothaches from bruxism, unless a tooth is damaged enough to expose its sensitive inner chamber of nerves and blood vessels (called the pulp). During your regular dental checkup and cleaning, Dr. LaFrom will thoroughly inspect your teeth, gums, and the rest of your oral cavity for any signs of trouble. If excessive tooth wear or structural damage is found, then Dr. LaFrom may recommend a more comprehensive examination to test for habitual teeth grinding. Continue reading ‘Cupertino Dentist Explores the Damage of Clenching Teeth’